Talent Development

Success in any business is less about technology and much more about people. You can buy technology; but you have to build a capable and committed workforce.
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For all levels in an organisation we have solutions to identify talent and deep experience in developing people to be their best.

Individual Development

People with 'manager' or 'leader' in their title seem to get all the development focus. But let's face it, experts and individual contributors do the real work - and need support too.
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Individual Leader Development

Being a great leader is a journey that never ends. The two constants on your path? Always calibrating how you show up and refining which behaviours to dial up or down as you progress.
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Manager Develop

Executive Development

Leadership development gets harder as people rise.

We work with busy executives every day to craft practical, highly tailored skill and personality change programmes, anchored in your career goals.
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Executive Develop

Chief Executive Development

A great CEO can add 25% to a firm's performance. A poor CEO can destroy reputation, morale and profits. Our senior consultants have worked with dozens of CEOs, applying research based findings tailored to the toughest role in the business.
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Chief Executive Develop & Support

Learn to lead

Winsborough’s distinguished Leadership Programmes have been recognised with awards and accolades from the NZ Defence Force, Fire & Emergency and the National Emergency Management Agency.
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