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Winsborough hosts a number of leadership-based accreditation, certification and conference events each year.  Courses fill fast so check the available offerings here.  

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Winsborough Labs is a place where we can share and test our thinking, research and innovations, and connect you with cutting edge research and innovation from around the world.

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One Size Doesn't Fit All: Successful Coaching Initiatives


Many paths lead up the mountain of career success, and each one comes with unique advantages and potential pitfalls. Professional development coaches know this terrain well. They routinely provide individualised support for the development of leaders who wish to ascend in their careers. They’ve also watched many self-made types who opt to forgo business coaching slip and fall on their career journeys because they miscalculate the quality of their own work performance. This miscalculation is common. While many may be vaguely aware of their strengths and challenges, they don’t always realise that their helpful behaviours can (depending on the context) become unhelpful, derailing them from their individual and organisational objectives. Therefore, we all could benefit from a professional development coach.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Successful Coaching Initiatives