Executive Development

Leadership development gets harder as people rise.

We work with busy executives every day to craft practical, highly tailored skill and personality change programmes, anchored in your career goals.
Executive Develop

"It's only after you step up to CEO that you realise you should have made more time for development while you were still an executive."

Here at Winsborough we've seen success and failure thousands of times in senior roles. We've coached many leaders to work at the right level, build more productive relationships, relax into their roles and get the best from their strengths.  Lean on our wisdom and 25 years of experience working with those at the top of the house. 
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"Insightful! I'm so grateful for the insights and help Sonya gave me. I feel more confident in my leadership - I know where my strengths are and I've got a better handle on my derailers."

Who Are You?

You operate as a GM or Vice President and report to the CEO or someone on the top team.  You are looking to lift your game and are prepared to hear feedback, commit to change and work hard.

You can expect:

  • A straight-talking, 3-way context setting conversation with us, your boss and you.
  • A searching 360º survey and completion of world-class personality assessments.
  • A workshop where we deep dive into the findings, your career goals, organisational needs and commitment.
  • Then we'll work with you to craft a formal plan that you can use for focus and guidance for your boss.
  • You can add coaching support from a top Winsborough consultant. Most people do.
  • From $5000 (+GST)

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