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Winsborough’s distinguished Leadership Programmes have been recognised with awards and accolades from the NZ Defence Force, Fire & Emergency and the National Emergency Management Agency.
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Leadership Essentials Programme

Understand the psychology of leadership and followership, deepen self-awareness, learn to build effective teams, and become a more competent and confident leader.

We work to develop leaders in the toughest environments possible. Our approach is based on practical wisdom, scientific research and deep experience in real world situations. Leadership Essentials will help activate real and effective leadership in your organisation by teaching practical leadership skills that equip leaders to perform in the real world.

13 modules to 'pick and mix' from, supported by facilitated peer to peer coaching sessions to consolidate and embed learning.

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Why run Leadership Essentials in your organisation?

NEM Long Service Awards 242 (2)

Develop leaders others want to follow

Build powerful teams

Create transformational mindsets

Deepen self-awareness. Create plans to harness strengths and overcome weaknesses. Understand the psychology of followers to be a more confident leader.

Apply the latest psychological research and Winsborough's experience working with top firms, the military and high performance sport to build effective teams.

Lead for improvement and productivity.  Go  beyond managing 'what is’ and create ‘what could be’. Build mindsets of ‘can do’, not 'have to’.

From $2,500 per module (+ GST). Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.  

Based on 10 participants per module.

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