Individual Leader Development

Being a great leader is a journey that never ends. The two constants on your path? Always calibrating how you show up and refining which behaviours to dial up or down as you progress.
Manager Develop

What is your unique performance edge? What are the best and worst things about how you lead others? Name the one thing you can do to be better?

It's daunting to work with a psychologist to look closely at how you really, really show up as a leader. Trust us to focus on one goal: to make your people successful through you becoming an outstanding leader.
Thousands of leaders have trusted Winsborough to help them improve.

"Simply the best leadership development experience I've had in my 40 year working career"

Who are you?

You've taken on a leadership role and want a clear pathway to top performance.  
You are an experienced manager and want a deeper understanding of your development needs.

You can expect:

  • A searching evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, using world-class 360 and psych profiling.
  • An in-depth workshop with a psychologist to clarify your leadership improvement goals.
  • A behavioural plan focusing on what you need to do more of (or less of) to be your best.
  • From $2,400 (+GST).
  • The opportunity to add coaching from a top Winsborough consultant.

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