Leadership Success Profile


The Leadership Success Profile (LSP) describes the leadership attributes, capabilities and behaviours that enable leaders to successfully lead their agency and work with others to have a positive impact across the New Zealand Public Sector.

Leadership in the Public Sector

Winsborough has been part of the Public Sector changing approach to leadership development since 2013 when we designed and implemented the first LSP 360 assessment.  

We remain at the cutting edge of integrating the LSP into leadership assessment and development. We partner with Public Sector agencies in designing and delivering assessment and development solutions aligned with the LSP.

The LSP establishes 'what good looks like' for leadership at all levels in the Public Sector.  It emphasises the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration, system stewardship and customer focus. 

The core aspects of the framework are translatable across the leadership pipeline (from early-in-career right through to the most senior levels including chief executives) and into functional and professional areas.

The LSP also provides a common approach to how government agencies identify and develop talent in their organisation and across the Public Sector. This means leaders will experience a more seamless approach to their development, no matter where their careers take them. This approach will deepen the understanding of how to best identify, develop and deploy leaders and enable movement across the New Zealand public sector and beyond, as people’s readiness and potential is considered in a consistent way.


 At Winsborough

Our experience across both the Private and Public Sector positions us to identify key differences in leadership development and transition. While the context for Public Sector leaders holds its own unique challenges, the increasingly connected, global context in which Private Sector leaders are working means more and more similarities exist between these two worlds.

Winsborough bring insights from leadership in the Private Sector to add value to Public Sector leader development. 


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