About us

We’re mostly business psychologists and leadership consultants who help organisations deliver better leadership for their people.

We understand that our work impacts people with hopes and fears and busy lives. It really matters that the individuals we work with feel supported and encouraged, whatever stage of leadership they’re at.

We also take the science of what we do seriously and at times we can get quite geeky about algorithms, analytics and research.

GUS MCINTOSH (square - mid-res) IMG_7756-823248-edited

Gus McIntosh

Chief Executive
Helen Horn Image

Helen Horn

Leadership Development Director
CLAUDINE ABRAHAMS (square mid res) IMG_7112

Claudine Abrahams

Leadership Development Co-Ordinator
Dave Winsborough - square for web - IMG_5689

Dave Winsborough

Rachael Stott image

Rachael Stott

Strategic Relationships Director
Brendan Lynch Image

Brendan Lynch

Senior Consultant
Ruth Rothman Image

Ruth Rothman

Senior Consultant
Sonya Cowen Image

Sonya Cowen

Assessment Director
RICHARD HALL_sq for web - 142A4334

Richard Hall

Leadership Development Co-ordinator
ARIANA BASCAND (square mid res) IMG_7603

Ariana Bascand

Products Director
Natasha Bagnara_PWA8053 - square

Natasha Bagnara

Assessment Co-ordinator
VERITY RATCLIFFE (square mid res) IMG_7198

Verity Ratcliffe

Senior Consultant
TAEJIN HA (square med-high res) PWB3739

Taejin Ha

Products Co-ordinator
HENRIK KLAUSEN (square mid res) IMG_7454

Henrik Klausen

Senior Consultant
Eugenia McGrath_PWA8068 - square

Eugenia McGrath

HAZEL BETHEL (square mid-high res) PWB3774 FINAL

Hazel Bethel

Senior Consultant
MARISA VODANOVICH (square mid res) IMG_8014

Marisa Vodanovich

Marketing Communications Manager
STU DARVILL (square mid res) IMG_7380

Stu Darvill

CALEB SNOWDEN_Landscape_BIO - sq for web

Caleb Snowdon

Assessment Co-ordinator
KATHERINE ORR (square mid res) IMG_7008

Katherine Orr

Senior Consultant