Selecting the right talent

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"Organisations need to approach people selection with their eyes wide open. The standard contents of a CV - experience, qualifications and achievements - shouldn't be the only factors considered in the selection of an individual."

Sonya Cowen

- Assessment Director

How it's done

We take a holistic view, considering how the individual will fit in the organisation, their values, intellectual capability, how they will act as a leader, how they respond to pressure, what they want to achieve, their self-awareness, their personality and behaviour traits. We use the most robust assessments to build a complete performance profile. 

Winsborough are experts in assessment for selection and development.  We deliver insights about people across a wide range of industries, both private and public sector.

The assessment process through Winsborough has provided both the company and me with great insight into what is happening within the business and the SLT, and tools to make the necessary improvements to operate at a higher level.

In our assessments, Winsborough:

  • brings an astute understanding of the requirements and complexities of a broad range of roles,
  • puts your organisation at the centre of all we do - your context matters,
  • applies rigorous and proven assessment methodologies, and employs world class tools,
  • provides upfront, unbiased expert and insightful analysis, and
  • works with your candidates/people respectfully and transparently - ensuring that all people, regardless of the selection decision, have a positive experience and find the assessment process beneficial.


Assessing for

  • Board Members, Executives and Managers
  • Experts and Specialists
  • Assessment Centres
  • Graduates


I found the interview and the feedback session particularly helpful.  The interview was good, because it had a "curious" tone rather than the normal job interview process which can feel quite judgemental.  The feedback was good, as you can take away some learnings from the process. 
Solid feedback tailored to the positions being recruited for. Consultant was able to engage in practical examples of how the candidate may behave on the job and compare and contrast with interview observations.  Most valuable interactions.’
‘The consultant feedback was fantastic! Incredible insight and probing questions.

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