General Employability

Successful businesses make certain they’re hiring the right people for each job. That first step leads to increased productivity, reduced turnover, more engaged employees, and a better bottom line. The General Employability component of Hogan Select offers a streamlined, ready-to- go job screening solution that allows companies to quickly and easily determine the suitability of candidates for entry- level roles.

General Employability leverages a short intuitive assessment that takes candidates 10-12 minutes to complete. The single results page displays a graphical representation of three work characteristics and the candidate’s overall suitability, along with a fit recommendation and brief notes for hiring managers. With this low-cost solution, you’ll find the tools you’ll need to ask probing interview questions, rank multiple candidates and make an informed hiring decision.


Hogan Select General Employability measures how well a candidate expresses the three key characteristics of well- performing employees:

  • People Skills - Getting along with others by being friendly, pleasant, and helpful
  • Learning Skills - Learning essential job functions and new skills by being bright, curious, and alert
  • Work Ethic - Taking instruction, being dependable, and producing high-quality results


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