Deeper Signals Talent Development


Democratising development with next-generation assessments.


Awareness for all

Deeper Signals are experts in modern assessment solutions. Winsborough specialises in developing, supporting and enhancing leaders.

Together, using our data-driven and tech-first approach, Deeper Signals and Winsborough offers clients new ways to understand, manage and develop talent. 

“The pace of change in today’s environment requires that feedback be given to everyone in the organisation”, said Dr. Reece Akhtar, Chief Science Officer at Deeper Signals. “Research shows that investing in employee development earlier pays off over the entire employee life-cycle, increasing employee satisfaction, performance, and retention."

Deeper Signals has shaped talent development in organisations such as the Canterbury District Health Board and Piritahi.  The Deeper Signals' diagnostic tools are short, intuitive, and engaging experiences that make it easy to get deep insights about how we work.

You can expect:

  • Innovative assessments
  • Digital coaching that unlocks self-awareness and behaviour change.
  • Aggregate analysis


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Photo credit: Unsplash, Adeolu Eletu

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