From Sweden comes open-minded assessment methods to give every candidate the chance by eliminating bias and promoting inclusivity. And Kiwi ingenuity makes these tools special.

Now in Aotearoa from our friends in Sweden, world-leading psychological profiling tools from Assessio power Winsborough reports.


Swedish design sensibilities and a Nordic focus on equality and fairness are built into these recruitment profiling tools.  

The suite of Assessio tools have been designed from the ground up from the modern 5-factor model and has been validated in high-stakes selection environments.

Winsborough have a special link to Assessio - Dave Winsborough helped author their measure of dysfunctional personality traits.  So we know these tools are right for  our clients.

MAP is a great choice for screening and selection. Based on the most robust model of personality, MAP can be tailored to organisational competencies. MAP is a powerful predictor of personality-driven critical behaviors at work.

MAP logo


Everyone has times when they show their worst selves. Now you can identify and coach dark side tendencies before they become problems.  Unlike other measures, MAP-X was developed by Dave Winsborough, based on modern understanding of personality derailment.

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Matrigma is a cognitive test that captures the ability to solve problems with no prior knowledge or experience. The non-verbal and non-numerical format of the test ensures a wide application, beyond cultural, educational and linguistic barriers. It predicts performance in complex roles.

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Based on self-determination theory, MATCH-V uncovers what drives people's psychological needs and values. Research shows that when these needs are met people are more likely to invest their energy and emotions at work.

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