2. LEADER 360

Winsborough Leader 360º

Self-aware leaders create healthier and more effective organisational cultures.
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Poipoia te kākano kia puāwai

Nurture the seed and it will bloom

Great leaders are not created in a vacuum, they are grown. Invested in by everyone around them through feedback, guidance and mentoring. The community of people that surrounds a leader is the nutrient-rich soil essential to help every leader reach their full potential. A 360 survey is an essential development process that provides a Leader’s workplace community with an opportunity to invest in their growth and development.

Nurturing leadership potential

Give your leaders the tools and insights they need to keep their teams and the organisation motivated, aligned, and productive.

The Leader 360 process and reporting by Winsborough is designed to be straightforward to and easy to implement. Leaders come away with an insightful understanding of their leadership reputation and actionable development initiatives to help them reach their full potential.

It also provides their colleagues with a valuable opportunity to invest in their growth and development by providing feedback on essential leadership behaviours.­­

The Leader 360 empowers your leaders with the skills and insights they need to lead better. There is an external benchmark of capability so they can measure their leadership effectiveness and their team’s engagement against other leaders.

Holistic design for optimal experiences

  • Studies have proven that self-aware leaders who understand their strengths and weaknesses can have a dramatic impact on a range of business KPIs.
  • This includes increased employee engagement and higher customer satisfaction ratings.
  • This 360 will help your leaders reach their full potential with an insightful process that’s focused on their development.
  • It includes commentary direct from their 360 contributors and developmental tips based on results to kick-start their development journey.
  • Leaders will also receive specific feedback on the five critical leadership behaviours that drive highly engaged team members.
  • This 360 utilises machine learning and item response theory to ensure an optimal participant experience.
  • Say goodbye to environmentally unsustainable printing and a PDF that gets stuffed in a drawer and forgotten - leaders receive a digital report.
  • Run easy 360 reviews with an intuitive, user-friendly platform.
  • Less time administering, more time encouraging and supporting development planning and accountability.
  • Winsborough has a range of subscription models available to meet all of your organisational needs from a single team of leaders through to your entire population of leaders.
  • We empower you to be the experts guiding your leaders to a better future.
  • We can help you create a 360 that looks and feels right for your specific organisational needs.
  • Tailor the competencies, language, and developmental suggestions of your 360 to suit a specific leadership programme or level of leaders.
  • Leverage our extensive item database and the robustness of our 360 research to build your own custom 360.
  • From co-branding our 360 to developing a completely bespoke 360, we can help reflect your organisational brand, language, development needs, and values.
  • Administration can be managed by us or your internal delivery team
  • We can deliver full 360 initiatives for your leaders at any scale; individuals, teams or whole leadership cohorts.
  • Whatever your desired goals and outcomes are, we can deliver a seamless end-to-end 360 process, including Individual Developmental Feedback with one of our leadership experts or training so your internal team can facilitate the feedback conversations.
  • Leaders who are aligned on what effective leadership looks like;
  • Providing all employees with opportunities to contribute constructive and developmentally focussed feedback;
  • Driving meaningful, supported development conversations and action.

Winsborough’s Leader 360 is for you.

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