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Experience the future of work psychology with Winsborough reports powered by Assessio; where innovative assessments meet the highest standards of validity and reliability.

Bringing Assessio to New Zealand

At Winsborough we are dedicated to innovation and embracing new business approaches.  Introducing new personality reporting to the New Zealand market has aligned us with cutting-edge science on personality and workplace behaviour.

Powered by the Assesio personality tool, we are able to offer solutions that combine user-friendliness with precise, insightful results.

About Assessio

For over 60 years, Assessio has been committed to leveraging objective insights about personality to support individuals, teams, and organisations. The assessments have been developed by top psychometricians and are scientifically validated and certified by DNV-GL, ensuring reliability and accuracy. It’s the perfect combination of Swedish precision and Nordic equality.

Together with Assessio we can help your organisation:

  • Select the right people: Pinpoint individuals with the characteristics and motivation to drive success.
  • Develop Talent: Help your leaders grow their self-awareness and learning agility with actionable insights.
  • Make Better Decisions: Use objective data for more effective selection and role placement.
  • Foster Diversity: Implement processes that reduce bias and promote inclusivity.
  • Build Talent Pipelines: Focus on potential and ensure transparent, fair practices.
  • Enhance User Experience: Provide participants with a world-class digital experience.

The Assessments

Being able to measure an individual's personality is fundamental to an organisation, whether in recruitment, selection or development. Understanding both our differences and similarities, and how best to use them, benefits both the business and the individual.

MAP (Measuring and Assessing Individual Potential) is a comprehensive daily style personality assessment grounded in the Five Factor Model, the most researched and empirically supported theory for describing personality. It evaluates individual characteristics and predicts critical workplace behaviours, such as job satisfaction, leadership, and sales performance. MAP is instrumental in the screening, selection, and development of personnel, providing unbiased insights that traditional methods often miss.

MAP is a powerful predictor of personality-driven critical behaviours at work.

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Everyone has times when they show their worst selves. Now you can identify and coach dark side tendencies before they become problems.

MAP-X focuses on personality traits at their most extreme, identifying how these can lead to counterproductive behaviours in the workplace. It builds on MAP results by highlighting how normal personality traits may shift under stress, potentially reducing performance or causing reputational damage. This versatile tool aids in screening, selection, and development, helping to identify and mitigate destructive behaviours.

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MATCH-V uncovers what drives people’s psychological needs and values, crucial for understanding engagement and satisfaction at work. Based on Self-Determination Theory, this tool helps organisations align employee motivations with core values. MATCH-V is used for screening, selection, development, and defining organisational culture, ensuring that employees' driving forces are consistent with company values. Research shows that when these needs are met people are more likely to invest their energy and emotions at work.

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Matrigma measures cognitive abilities, including observation skills, logical reasoning, and the capacity to understand and apply complex information. It predicts work performance and learning ability across various industries and job complexities. The non-verbal, non-numerical format of Matrigma makes it accessible and effective across cultural, educational, and linguistic boundaries.

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New Zealand Personality Norm 

At Winsborough, we aim to ensure our tools are relevant to Aotearoa's unique population. Over the past year, we've developed a New Zealand norm group, allowing assessments to be compared to either local or global populations. With a sample of over 700 working adults, our findings show no significant differences between New Zealand and global norms, although Kiwis tend to be lower in Conscientiousness and Emotional Experience. These differences suggest New Zealanders are more flexible, open to change, coachable, and visibly responsive to stress. Our ongoing efforts will continue to refine these norms, ensuring accurate, relevant insights for New Zealand organisations and individuals. If you're interested in understanding your personality in comparison to our New Zealand working adult population, our user-friendly platform and personalised debriefs are here to help.  

You can watch our informative videos to understand more about the New Zealand norm and Assessio.


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