Developing high performance leaders

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“What is dangerous is not to evolve."

Jeff Bezos


Leaders matter

Winsborough believe that everyone at work has the right to be managed by competent and mature leaders who act for the good of the group.  We also know that more than 60% of all leaders fail.  Our mission is to raise the standard of leadership, and help grow good companies, and good people as a result.

Winsborough leadership programmes are designed to challenge perceptions about how leadership is done, how leaders work together and the values that underpin it.

We have shaped leader culture and performance in organisations as diverse as Air New Zealand, the NZ Defence Force, Sport NZ, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Christchurch City Council.  We help leaders not just manage teams and run organisations, but also inspire others, set purposeful goals, execute strategic visions, and build cultures of excellence.

We do this through:

  • Insightful assessment
  • Behavioural coaching
  • Grounded experiences and on-the-job learning
  • Industry leaders, speakers and researchers
  • Frameworks and tools drawing on behavioural economics, group dynamics, and psychological theory.


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