Natasha Zimmerman –
Why the use of assessments for selection services continues to grow.


Why the use of assessments for selection services continues to grow.

Natasha Zimmerman

Author: Natasha Zimmerman

From basic interviews to data-driven insights and the use of AI, the way we find top talent has changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. What hasn’t changed is the end game: matching the right people to the right roles.

The process of untangling poor hiring decisions is more than just an inconvenience – it can come with a high price tag that most organisations can’t afford in the current economic climate. A recent Australian study suggested a bad hire can cost a company up to 2.5 times the salary of the employee. It (literally) pays to get it right the first time.

As organisations have begun to understand the importance of hiring well, recruiters are increasingly turning to assessments to supplement interviews and other traditional methods. A study by Emergen Research suggests that the market for assessment services will top $11 billion (USD) in the next four years.

There’s a reason smart hiring managers don’t take a one-dimensional approach to finding candidates. Recent research on selection practices has shown that the best predictors of job performance are multi-measure tests that include measures of cognitive ability, personality, and individual interests. It makes sense: the more data points, the better.

Beyond making sound business sense, it also makes people sense. Using assessments can enhance candidate experience, account for team fit, and reduce onboarding shock by giving potential employees a realistic glimpse of the role requirements.

Good companies recognise that hiring is a long game. Investing in the process from the start means everybody wins in the end. If you’re on the fence about using assessments, reach out and we’d love to have a chat!



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