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There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are improving the lives of others. I get really excited about the opportunity to work with a team, helping a leader to understand and navigate the complexity of interpersonal relationships and lift team performance.

Ruth Cornelius

Leadership Development Principal


Ruth Cornelius is an experienced leadership consultant and coach, with a deep passion for helping individuals and teams create a positive impact in their environments. With a background spanning diverse industries including local government, energy, and banking, Ruth draws on her extensive knowledge and expertise to help leaders develop alignment within their teams and organisations.
Ruth's journey towards leadership consulting has been shaped by her unique experiences, including serving as an Infantry Officer in the New Zealand Army for eight years. During her time in the army, Ruth developed her skills in leadership development and served on several overseas missions. She also enjoys competing in multi-discipline adventure races, exploring the world of entrepreneurship, and fulfilling volunteer leadership roles within her community.
As a consultant, Ruth emphasises the importance of understanding how actions and decisions impact others and creating positive change in these areas. With a focus on helping individuals and teams build alignment, she draws on her extensive knowledge of industrial-organisational psychology and her diverse experiences to guide clients towards success. Ruth's dedication to leadership development extends beyond her work, as she is also a parent to three energetic and curious primary-school aged children, who constantly challenge her to reflect and align.