Meet our people

I love to wrap up a project! Seeing all the pieces fall into place, crossing the t's and dotting the i's, knowing that everyone has made a journey together to deliver something of value makes me so happy.

Jessica Matthews

Business Coordinator

Bachelor of Fashion Design 

Based in Wellington, Jessica is part of the client support team and works across both selection and development, assisting in the set-up and delivery of Winsborough products and services.  

Her career to date has been largely in apparel and fashion production and client operations, which gave her a lot of experience running concurrent projects with both short and long timeframes and an eye to sustainability. Sustainability (alongside the obvious aspect of ‘looking after the planet’) means making sure people are cared for and nurtured, and Jessica thinks Winsborough is great at that. 

Not having come from a traditionally corporate background, Jessica says she is very new to learning about structured leadership development and using metrics to help people give their best and get the best out of opportunities. She finds it endlessly fascinating and such an eye-opener for what good leadership and development look like.