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New Zealand was the last place on earth to be settled by human beings. But it was one of the first international partners for Hogan and for more than 15 years, Winsborough and Hogan have been great mates and strong collaborators. We stake our reputation on giving accurate, relevant insights about potential hires and key staff.


Innovative Products Highlights

Winsborough can also provide other developmentally focused reports from Hogan Assessments, such as:

The Judgment Report

Leadership theories commonly focus on individual characteristics like charisma, influence, and work ethic, but the key drivers of leadership performance are the leader’s decisions. Indeed, since leaders are responsible for the welfare of groups and organisations, the decisions they make – good or bad – are consequential. Positive organisational outcomes are the consequence of good leadership decisions; negative organisational outcomes are the product of poor decisions.

The report will provide information to help individuals make better decisions and more quickly recognize and correct judgment- related mistakes. By understanding how they process information, what natural tendencies they rely on before making decisions, and their likely reactions to feedback about failed decisions, leaders will be able to develop better judgment and decision-making skills.



Winsborough are able to provide clients with a world leading dynamic people analytics system that is managed in-house by your recruitment team (in consultation with business managers) using a simple yet robust web-based platform.

Hogan Configure is not about traditional ‘reports’ – all of the information on your candidates is held in the system and presented on your dashboard. Hogan Configure provides you with a dynamic approach to assessment – you do not need to produce (or pay for) reports to evaluate and compare your candidate and/or talent pool. At the ‘push of a button’ you can consider candidate fit based on a range of competencies – considering for example both current and future competency sets.


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NEW LOOK Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

Launching on January 5th 2017, you will see an aesthetic update to the LFS reports featuring an improved look and feel, and an enhanced user experience.  To view the new look sample reports, just click here.





Subscale Format Update

Hogan launched a new brick format for graphically displaying HPI and MVPI subscale scores. This new display format is consistent with the format currently used for HDS subscales, although there are some minor differences in what these bricks mean across assessments.

The following resources provide an overview of the changes and will ensure a seamless transition to the updated subscale format:

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Hogan 2013 Horizontal
We searched worldwide for the most predictive, business-based personality assessments. Hogan Assessments set the benchmark for demonstrating personality’s impact on organisational effectiveness predicting future performance. Hogan assessments will help you answer three key questions:

  1. Can they do the job?  Career success depends on more than the technical skills. Employers are looking for capability and drive to get things done and Hogan personality measures describes how a person works, relate to colleagues, and will lead.
  2. Will they like the organisation?  Even if they can do the job, will they engaged in it and fit this organisation? When there’s a good match between your values and the business environment work becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore.
  3. What will get in the way? The strengths that helped launch a career can become debilitating derailers under pressure or in more senior roles. Understanding derailers puts performance risks on the table and helps build self awareness needed to succeed.

Hogan Assessments is the platform to make informed selection decisions, develop key talent and take your leaders to the next level.

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