What the delegates of Future Trends have to say about talent

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Our recent Future Trends conferences in both Auckland and Wellington saw a raft of great ideas shared on our theme of talent.  

What the delegates of Future Trends have to say about talent

In particular, our keynote speaker Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic gave an inspiring talk looking at the importance of getting the right people into the right roles. He discussed how many businesses used flawed systems to find and place high-potential individuals - too many companies rely on intuition when it comes to identifying and placing high-potential people.

Take a  look at some of the thoughts our Future Trends delegates had on our theme of talent.

Delegate's key take-aways from the Future Trends Conference 2017

What talent means to Future Trends 2017 delegates

Delegate's talent pain points at the Future Trends Conference 2017

Talent and its pain points

In his presentation Tomas explained that psychologists have known for decades that psychopaths and narcissists tend to interview really well. "You wouldn't marry someone after a first date so why would you hire someone after a few interviews?"

An interview with our very own Mel Cash saw her explain how many organisations tend to be overconfident in their intuition. When it comes to finding talent, people tend to ignore it within their own organisations as they invest too much in those who are talking about themselves and telling a good story.  BNZ’s Nicky Jones said businesses struggle to understand the difference between utilising psychometrics to measure a person’s potential, versus using the views of a manager or their team members.

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