Useful Covid-19 resources

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My inbox has been flooded with advice about how to communicate with staff about the pandemic and how to deal with remote working. Here's some of the more useful stuff and all free to use.


Staff communications templates, faqs and checklists

Employment NZ: Workplace response to Covid-19

Managing employees who have coronavirus(Covid-19): leave and pay

Communicating with employees during a crisis

Covid-19 company playbook

Employer's Coronavirus checklist


Business impacts and leadership

Leadership, resilience and the Covid-19 outbreak

Lead your business through the coronavirus


What larger employers around the globe are doing:

How employers around the globe are responding


For home

For Children: A Comic Exploring The Coronavirus

Feeling connected when working remotely


For wellbeing

NZ Ministry of Health Unite against Covid-19 site

NZ Ministry of Health Covid-19 site

Umbrella Wellbeing downloadable resources

Coping with life in isolation and confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic

Boosting our wellbeing during uncertain times


You can find more Leadership Resources that we've put together to help you through the Covid-19 pandemic here