Technology partnership paves way for talent portal


Lancom Technology, a leading software and technology provider serving Australia and New Zealand, has been appointed by Winsborough to provide bespoke software development services and replace Winsborough’s current survey and reporting applications. The appointment follows a competitive tender with Lancom Technology being selected as Winsborough’s preferred partner.

Waruna Kirimetiyawa, Chief Executive for Lancom Technology said: “We are very excited to work with Winsborough on this project. They are an award-winning business committed to providing their clients with a seamless experience and premium quality services and technology is a core component of the offering. Partnering with Winsborough to develop an innovative new solution to support their core service is a fantastic opportunity.”
Sonya Cowen, Winsborough’s Head of Research and Development said: “Our expertise lies in developing people to be exceptional leaders. This improves organisational effectiveness and leads to better working lives for many people – a consequential outcome when so much of our time is dedicated to our work. Technology is of course a key enabler. We are delighted to partner with Lancom Technology to make a step change to our current surveying and reporting platform.”

“During the selection process Lancom proved they are expert full-service technology providers, and we were impressed by their ability to deliver the software we need within a people-centred partnership, alongside their international network and SaaS sales experience” – she added.

Work is now underway to develop a platform ready to launch later this year.


Photo credit: Rodion Kutsaev Unsplash.com