Psychology experts join forces to support business in Covid-19

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Psychology experts join forces to support business in Covid-19 - horizontal


In response to Covid-19 Winsborough and Umbrella have joined forces to support individuals, leaders and organisations with a range of online support and tools to make it through the lockdown period and beyond.


The concept of “work” has changed for most of us in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whether working remotely from home or as an essential services employee who is still turning up to the worksite each day, work is not what it was a month ago and with that change comes new challenges, pressures and anxieties.


Winsborough specialises in the business of leadership - developing, supporting and enhancing leaders across public and private organisations, both in New Zealand and globally.


“Many of our clients are operational throughout the lockdown and we’re keen to support them as they navigate their way through an entirely new way of leading, working and managing people,” says Gus McIntosh, Winsborough CEO.


“We’ve partnered with Umbrella as we see our leadership services and support aligning perfectly with Umbrella’s wellbeing focus.”


Gaynor Parkin, Umbrella’s CEO agrees, adding, “Keeping mentally and physically well through the lockdown and beyond is going to be a critical factor in people’s endurance through the Covid-19 pandemic.”


“Working together to support those businesses and organisations who are operational just now makes sense as we’re able to help people navigate both their work and personal lives so that they not only survive but thrive in this scenario,” she says.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made what were once optional modes of working – virtual meetings, remote working and remote teams - and added in crisis and logistical pressures to make for a bubbling pot of hot “change” on a grand scale.


“For most of us we haven’t seen such a far-reaching and difficult set of circumstances in our entire lifetimes. It’s a lot to take on board and many people are struggling with so much change and uncertainty all in one shot.”


“People, teams and organisations need help to get through this and we’re stepping up to help in the way we best know how.”


Both the Winsborough and Umbrella teams have developed Covid-19 response support material which can be accessed free of charge from their respective websites: