Product profile — Introducing the Team Workshop to NZ

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Leaders, in a sense, exist for the very purpose of leading their people towards shared goals. The one way to get better at being a leader — which requires getting better at team management — is to have some objective way of measuring and enhancing team performance.

Ariana Bascand, our Products Director, shares how to do this using a tools Winsborough is proud to bring to New Zealand teams this year: the Team Assessment Survey (TAS). The TAS helps teams see where their strengths and weaknesses are. It’s used in conjunction with the Rocket Model™, which lays out the eight essential areas in which teams should be strong.

Along with these tools comes a practical workbook that leaders and team members can use to refine their processes and correct course.



Product profile: Introducing the Team Workshop to NZ from Winsborough Limited on Vimeo.


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