More highlights from Future Trends 2017: Wendy and David from Foodstuffs share their thoughts on talent

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Last month the Future Trends conference saw successful events held in both Auckland and Wellington.

Future trends talents 2017

By now you’re probably aware the conference followed a theme of talent, which saw us explore some interesting ideas with our guest speakers.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in particular, got everyone thinking with his statement, "We’re all delusional about how we assess talent”. 

He gave an intriguing talk on talent and the importance of getting the right people for your organisation. 

Also in attendance to offer some great insights were Wendy Hammond and David Gordon from Foodstuffs.

Foodstuffs' General Manager of People, Wendy Hammond felt a key challenge around the topic of talent was knowing when to take a risk on hiring someone. "Even though you’re not 100 per cent sure but actually they bring something so innovative and so dynamic and so different to what we currenty have that it's worth the risk. And then how do you deal with it if it really doesnt work out.  The other one is when you find awesome people and they do fit with your furute direction and your future aspirations, how do you retain them long enough to help you realise those things."  

Have a look at the videos below to see what they had to share with Rachael Stott.

Rachael talks to Wendy-1.pngWatch video

Foodstuffs' Talent Programme Manager, David Gordon believes assessing talent should be about harnessing analytics. This doesn't necessarily mean taking out the ‘gut feel’ but actually quantifying that feeling. He talks of taking advantage of assessment tools in identifying talent and then pushing people into a ‘potential’ category.

Rachael talks to David-1.pngWatch video

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