Managing and self-managing when working from home

Managing and self-managing when working from home - horizontal

The Coronavirus is changing the way the world is operating including how we all interact and work. How to lead when we are together at work compared to when people have to work from home for an extended period will differ in some ways and not in others.


One day soon we may all have to work from home in order to take care of each other. For some this will be BAU and for others it will be a big change and challenging. It will complicate things even more if you and/or your team members have kids who are staying at home too.


Below are some practical tips on how you can be most efficient as a leader, team member and parent.


How to be efficient working from home:

  • Structure your day with tasks, meetings and breaks. Have agreements with your leader and family about when you are working and not working. This includes breaks, when your working day starts and finishes.
  • Try to find a quiet place to work and have a good working station set up. Make sure in time that the technical side works as well.
  • Focus on your work when you are working (e.g. turn off notifications from social media and do the laundry in breaks).
  • If you have children, put in time for being there with/for them during the day.
  • Start and finish your day with going for a walk. It gives some fresh air but also a ritual about going to and from work.


Tips for you as a leader and getting the most from your team at home

  • Seek and give clarity about working hours to your team. Be realistic about your own working hours and your team's – especially if children are at home.
  • Stay connected with your team virtually. Daily stand-ups and add in some fun/light shared group like a daily quiz.
  • Be kind and check-in with team members and listen to worries and fears. Be mindful that you can’t fix them all and that they can ‘rub off’ on you.
  • Keep communicating and leading like you normally do – your job doesn’t change, what changes is how you lead.
  • Don’t forget yourself – the team needs you more than ever to be at your best (in the long run).


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