360 Degree Feedback - 5 reasons why you should care

5 reasons

Investing in 360º feedback for your staff is a smart and strategic way to drive performance, engagement, and growth at all levels of your organisation.

The talented team at Winsborough have developed a list of the main reasons you should use 360º feedback in your organisation.  We're pleased to share our thinking, and many years of experience with you.


  1. Improved Performance: 360º feedback provides leaders with a clear map of their strengths and areas for improvement, pinpointing specific skills to work on to improve performance. Coaching with a 360º as a before and after measure improves outcomes. A study[1] published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that leaders who received 360º feedback demonstrated significant increases in self-awareness and a greater willingness to change their behaviour compared to those who did not receive feedback. This self-awareness and behavioural change were associated with improved leadership effectiveness and performance.


  1. Enhanced Employee Engagement: 360º feedback creates a culture of open communication, trust, and collaboration by encouraging employees to provide and receive feedback from colleagues, managers, and direct reports. Our research shows feedback and coaching on specific leadership behaviours boosts staff engagement by nearly 40%.


  1. Increased Self-Awareness: 360º feedback deepens awareness of how one’s behaviour impacts others. Research shows this increased self-awareness can lead to personal and professional growth, as well as increased psychological safety and reduced burnout for team members (Fleenor, 2010)[2].


  1. Better Decision Making: By gathering data across a cohort of leaders from a variety of sources, 360º feedback provides an aggregate view of leadership bench-strength across the organisation, which informs decisions related to career development, succession planning, and performance management.


  1. Stronger Organisational Culture: Investing in ongoing 360º feedback programmes creates a culture of continuous learning, development, and growth, encourages people to seek out and receive feedback regularly, and promotes a positive, supportive work environment.


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