Charisma and Humility in leadership

1 minute read

Gus McIntosh, Winsborough’s CEO, was recently invited to speak at the inaugural Hogan User’s Conference held in Mumbai, India which was hosted by ThreeFish Consulting.  Gus joined a panel of leadership experts to discuss the topic: “Developing top teams: psychology of team development”.  

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Robert T. Hogan, the founder of Hogan Assessment Systems worldwide where he addresses charisma and humility in leadership. 

ThreeFish Consulting is the Master Distributor for Hogan Assessments in India and their inaugural Hogan Users Conference focused the spotlight on the interrelationship between ‘Personality’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Performance’.

ThreeFish is a People and Organisation Capability Consulting company based in New Delhi with operations in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.