360 Certification Workshop

Through the 360 survey certification you will become skilled in understanding and interpreting both the Winsborough Classic 360 report and the LBR 360 report, and proficient at debriefing results in a constructive and developmentally focused way.

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Please get in touch if you'd like to become accredited in Winsborough's 360-surveys.  We can run these certification workshops as 'in-house' or as public workshops.


September 30, 2022


09.00AM - 13.00PM



360 Accreditation Workshop

Join Winsborough Ltd for a half-day accreditation workshop to enable you to make the best use of 360 Surveys and the data, feedback and reports that are the outputs from the Winsborough 360 tools.


You will receive:

  • A feedback guide,
  • 360 technical manual,
  • FAQs for your manager and raters (i.e., guidelines for how to complete), and
  • Ongoing support.



  • Previous education, training and experience in the behavioural sciences.
  • Experience facilitating 360-degree feedback interpretation and individual development.
  • Have received 360-type feedback yourself.



  • $1,050 +gst per person
  • Your first LBR 360 or Classic 360 Assessment survey (administration of the survey is included)
  • Ongoing 360 Survey Cost $236 +gst per survey (add $50 if Winsborough administered).



1. Review LBR and Classic 360 resources.

2. Attend orientation to the LBR and Classic 360, the Domain Model of Leadership and feedback delivery ( 3 hours).

  • Conceptual orientation and approach to feedback and development;
  • Run through of the LBR Participant and Coaches report, and Classic 360 report, and how to interpret results;
  • Practice interpreting sample reports;
  • Tips for how to leverage 360 feedback to do the ‘Identity vs. Reputation’ work of development.

3. Practicum 1-on-1 help preparing for first use of a 360 (1 hr).

  • Prepare to give a real manager 360 feedback, identify key themes and session plan;
  • Consultant will also review that report and your preparation notes (please send 24 hours prior);
  • Discussion of your summary, additional observations about the data, pointers for how to conduct the session.

4. Follow up

  • Very soon after your first feedback session, a brief check-in to review how the session went – Q & A.


Cancellation Policy:

1. The full course fee will be invoiced at the time of registration.

2. If you withdraw from a course seven days or prior to the course commencement date, a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged.

3. If you withdraw within seven days of the course commencement date, a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.