More than 50% of leaders in organisations fail.

We help select and develop leaders to succeed.

We believe all employees deserve better leadership. Organisations who care about high performance use our tools, know-how and insights to identify and develop leaders. Join a community of more than 200 businesses working and learning with Winsborough to lead better workplaces.

Winsborough Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions

World leading products and practical selection and development solutions.


Every person who fronts up for an executive role has an impressive CV. How can you go below the surface to find what their strengths and weaknesses really are?

Winsborough apply experience gained from assessing hundreds of CEOs and executives to predict in-role performance. We go beyond the surface to look at executive team fit, organisational values fit, and future context fit. The process is engaging, stimulating and testing – and Winsborough provide interview panel briefs to improve the selection. 

How can I ensure the person is spot on for our needs?


Over 80% of work in modern organisations gets done in teams. Do you want your team to be more effective?

Winsborough have more practical team development experience that anyone else. We believe in lifting team leadership and results by engaging with teams within their own context. We listen, facilitate and challenge both teams and individuals to have the hard conversations and be ambitious about what they do.

Yes, we are experts but we work with team leaders to make teams successful. While we are guided by research, tools and frameworks, we know what matters is the ‘so what’.  Real team development does not occur overnight. It requires focus and energy over time and must be tailored to the team. 

How can I develop our people to become better equipped and more effective?


Over half of all leaders fail in the role. Most are promoted with no prior training or development for the role – which causes them to flail for months coming up to speed, and their staff to suffer while they learn on the job. Not good enough. We can help.

Leadership development is a journey, not a destination. Our programmes are delivered over an extended period of time to ensure transfer of learning to day-to-day on the job behaviour. We support participants on their leadership journey. We tailor large-scale programmes to everyday demands faced in your organisation, and have done for organisations like the NZ Army, Auckland Transport or Inland Revenue.

Our immersive scenario workshops are built around an event in the life of the organisation. Managers work and learn inside a simulation, responding to ‘real’ events, testing practical tools and techniques and receiving live feedback. Winsborough are firm believers that leadership learning occurs all the time on the job and it is not as the result of “sheep dip” training days.

How do we help leaders define their own legacy?


“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson

Use real data to make decisions about people. Winsborough go beyond numbers to help you make sense of data about culture, staff motivation and performance. Talk to us if you’re interested in a deeper, measurement-based understanding of your team, business group, or organisation. We are on a mission to make measuring and monitoring employee engagement accessible for all organisations, large or small.

If you’re keen to join us in improving outcomes for New Zealand, please get in touch.  

Staff engagement levels are important - how can we measure and manage these?