Why Hogan?

Rachael Stott, Winsborough's Strategic Relationships Director, explains the benefits of using Hogan Assessment tools as a data-driven, dependable approach to personality assessment and explain how this helps build the strongest workplace teams. 

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Key attributes:

Hogan’s assessments are designed to address your unique business challenges. Our assessments can be used for a variety of talent management initiatives, from pre-hire selection to executive-level development.

  • Predict job performance – Improve hiring practices by measuring basic employability, work style, safety consciousness, and organisational fit.
  • Evaluate probable de-railers – Identify and mitigate performance risks that can degrade leadership success, erode relationships, and damage professional reputation.
  • Identify potential – Identify and develop your organisation’s next generation of top talent.
  • Leadership development – Empower your organisation’s leadership to leverage the strategic self awareness gained through Hogan’s assessment process with executive development and coaching.
  • Pair with 360° data and other performance indices – Reveal the underlying characteristics and values that drive behaviours and performance ratings identified in the 360° process. In progressive development programs, 360s provide the what; Hogan provides the why.


Hogan offers the range of measurement required for most initiatives. Hogan publishes four unique assessments that measure normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, and cognitive style. Hogan’s selection and development solutions are driven by a targeted mix of the following core assessments:


  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – The Hogan Personality Inventory measures normal personality characteristics necessary for job fit, effective relationships, and career success.
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – The Hogan Development Survey is the industry standard for measuring career-derailing personality characteristics.
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory reveals a person’s core values, goals, and interests, which impact organisational fit and indicate environments in which individuals will be motivated and satisfied.


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