Independent Executive and Board advice

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The world of business gets more complex every year.  Increased regulatory requirements, digitisation, hyper-competition and geo-politics all place Boards and CEOs under intense pressure to sustain performance.

Leadership at the top

Winsborough have worked at the most senior levels of companies for more than 20 years helping navigate the white-water of leadership.

We help CEOs on their leadership journeys, providing honest, unbiased appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses - helping them transform their companies, teams and themselves. 

We partner with board members to proactively plan Director and CEO succession, review board effectiveness, assess board culture and values, and work effectively as a group.

Winsborough also partners with leading international consulting firms to provide world class insights and connections.


Our services include:

  • CEO effectiveness, appraisal, succession and transition.
  • CEO and senior team coaching.
  • Board effectiveness and development.

To find out more about how Winsborough can assist you with Independent Executive and Board advice