Why use Hogan tools for leadership assessment, development and selection?

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Hogan assessments are remarkably reliable, accurate personality measurement tools for predicting success in the workplace. At Winsborough, we use Hogan tools to help our clients target and select the right talent, develop critical skills in existing team members, and accentuate and reinforce the qualities that are part of great leadership.

In this video I look at the benefits of using Hogan Assessment tools as a data-driven, dependable approach to personality assessment and explain how this helps build the strongest workplace teams. 



Why personality is important

Human beings can be quite unpredictable. It’s a truth that executive teams, employers, and talent acquisition specialists constantly face. While there are many psychometric tools on the market claiming to provide useful personality and ability insights, they often fail to predict performance as accurately as they promise.


The Hogan assessments involve the use of valid, robust questionnaires that get at the heart of personality and how it determines job capability, development opportunities, and leadership potential at work.


Reputation vs. identity 

There are two broad facets to the human personality. One is identity: our own personal story about ourselves, consisting of who we understand ourselves to be, and how we wish to be perceived by others.


The other is reputation, or what others observe and know about us. Reputation affects everything from how we perform at work to how we conduct ourselves in relationships. Of the two personality facets, reputation is the most important predictor of success at work.


Hogan assessments focus on the ‘reputation’ aspect, and connects that data on each individual to performance in real-world contexts.


Hogan selection tools: Bright-side, dark-side and inside personality

The Hogan selection tools help to answer three important questions about team members and job candidates: Can they do the job? Will they like the organisation? What will get in the way?


To predict essential job abilities, we look at the bright-side of personality, using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). Bright-side personality encompasses how a person behaves while at their best, under normal circumstances, including everything from social habits to thinking styles.


To figure out what traits ‘get in the way’, we explore dark-side personality with the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). Dark-side behaviours are those that emerge when a person is not at their best, be it due to stress, tiredness, or boredom. Dark-side traits can be overplayed strengths or uncharacteristic behaviours – in either case, they can quickly derail careers.


Finally, to determine whether a potential hire will like and fit comfortably within the organisation, we look at inside personality using the Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI). The MVPI enables employers to check for a match between the candidate’s core personal values and company culture, which is fertile ground for bright-side traits to flourish. On the other hand, a mismatch yields lack of motivation and dark-side behaviour.


These Hogan selection tools provide robust data for use in many contexts, including selection of specific team members for special projects or promotions, and finding best-match candidates for your organisational environment and culture.


Hogan tools for development and leadership

Overall, the Hogan suite of tools allows you to improve organisational functioning through a more accurate understanding of your personnel, and better, data-driven decision-making. Beyond selection, the assessments open a clear path towards enhanced development and leadership-building.


For one, the tools can help you develop yourself first as a leader, giving you deeper insight into your own ‘reputation’. With this strategic ‘self-awareness’, you can personally thrive and set the stage for your organisation’s growth. The tools can also be used to heighten self-awareness and other virtues in high-potential team members.


"When it comes to leadership, we believe who you are determines how you lead, which informs how your team performs, which ultimately determines whether the whole organisation meets and exceeds goals", says Rachael Stott, Winsborough Strategic Relationships director. "Using Hogan assessments, you can learn which qualities in yourself to foster and which ones to address through development, to break past achievement barriers."


"The data gathered from Hogan assessments, all things considered, can be turned into a roadmap for optimising talent development, selection, assessment and leadership. And as we’ve consistently seen, this yields successful teams, dynamic leaders, and thriving organisations."


To learn more you might like to download the 'Why Personality?" ebook here, which explains how the assessments help in hiring, development and leadership enrichment.