The only thing that's certain right now is uncertainty

Navigating uncertain times

Navigating uncertain times

Author: Brendan Lynch


As some aspects of the NZ economy face uncertainty, organisations, leaders, and individuals are faced with similar, yet different challenges this year from those we faced in recent years.
  • Will house prices fall?
  • Will interest rates rise?
  • Will my business stay the same?
  • Will my job change?
  • How do I deal with the rising cost of living?
  • Do I have the right skills for the future?
  • What’s next?

There’s no doubt that some workplaces will be navigating greater uncertainty than others.

What we have learnt from recent years is that we are able to adapt and change quickly, though this may not feel very comfortable at the time, and we know it’s ok to not be ok.  Uncertainty is not new, our role as leaders is to navigate the way forward and to support our people as we do so. This means we may need to pivot.

To ‘pivot’ means to turn whilst connected or find a new angle (remember Ross from Friends and the couch?). Learning from the lessons of the GFC , and the Covid pandemic, businesses that chose to ‘pivot’ rather than stay the same, transformed their business model to adapt to the new context. In doing so, not only did they survive the impacts of the recession and pandemic, but they are thriving.

Pivoting Successfully

To pivot successfully you have to be aware of what needs to change, build on your existing skills and capabilities, and commit to the future. This year is demanding a lot from leaders. People report uncertainty, fatigue and general weariness due to things like increasing fiscal tightening in the Public Sector, on top of the cumulative impact from recent turbulent years courtesy of a pandemic, cyclones, and economic volatility. Advancing technology, changes in organisational structures and the way people work and live, is transforming how successful organisations are led. Good leadership is needed now more than ever.

At Winsborough, we specialise in the business of leadership. We believe that all employees deserve better leadership and strive to help make this happen.

What does the current context mean to you and those that you lead? As a leader, if you are still doing what you’ve always done, there’s no better time to think about your development than right now.  In 2024, the only thing certain is uncertainty, how will you ‘pivot’?


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