Future Trends and the science of getting the right talent to succeed

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With fierce competition in the business world, strong leadership is vital to any organisation. Businesses spend millions of dollars on leadership potential, yet struggle to find accurate and meaningful ways to identify and develop people with the most potential for leadership success. Watch what Talent means to the team at Winsborough below

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To gain international insights and expertise on talent from New Zealand and abroad, attend the Future Trends Conference this week with events in both Auckland and Wellington where you can listen to international psychological profiling, talent management and people analytics authority Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, as he speaks about his latest book “Talent Delusion”.

Future Trends Conference '17

Most high potential programmes fail because those with true leadership potential usually go unnoticed. Those recognised, however, often don't have what it takes to succeed - 50 per cent of new leaders fail.

The Hogan High Potential Talent Report identifies the strengths and shortcomings that can make or break a leader and sets the stage for developing emerging leaders.

This is the only tool that uses the science of personality to supercharge a high potential programme. It defines three performance dimensions that are crucial for leadership success: Leadership Foundations, Leadership Emergence and Leadership Effectiveness.

  • Leadership Foundations: Leadership foundations are the qualities leaders need to pursue and meet business goals in a responsible and ethical way.  
  • Leadership Emergence: Hogan’s leadership emergence dimension describes the qualities individuals need to stand out and build the connections they need to get to the top.
  • Leadership Effectiveness: Hogan’s Leadership Effectiveness describes the qualities individuals need to succeed once they make it to senior management.

Fostering leadership is paramount to your organisation's success. Hogan’s High Potential Report is an assessment based solution that aims to identify and close the skills gap between what your business needs in a leader and what is developing in your talent pipeline.

Book your tickets now to the Future Trends Conference this week in Auckland or Wellington and don’t miss the chance to hear how you can identify and develop leadership in your organisation first hand.

Future Trends Conference '17